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A Brand that Changes Every Year
By: Janet Kalandranis
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That’s impossible, right? Well, not exactly. Imagine a brand that releases a set of new products every September and many times every January as well. And this isn’t an extension of an old product and it isn’t a launch of just one new product. These brands release five to seven new products that are completely different, yet are built to help the brand grow. So what are these brands and why are they failing to follow all product launch rules?

It’s TV — the NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, and FOX brands of the world. Each season (and there are two big ones) these brands work to launch a collection of new products that appeal to a variety of customers. So instead of being able to focus on one big product launch, these brands must divide and conquer. Money, talent, and resources are spread across the launch of multiple products in the hopes that each will be a success for the intended audience. Holy brand headache.

These brands must have a dual focus. As much as they rely on releasing products consistently, these brands must also work to improve and strengthen existing products. That’s separate product teams working to deliver the right product to a specific target audience. Many of these brands can’t just pick one subset of customers, but instead, to be successful, they must have a product that at least appeals to varying ages and stages of life. These are the brands that talk to everyone — something that goes against all the “rules” of success but seems to transcend this industry.

The continuous flow of product releases isn’t something that works for many industries. But for TV, it’s the only way to stay in the game. And what many brands can learn from this lies in the focus around existing products. It's being able to create a structure with differing product teams that ultimately focus around a single type of customer. It’s the ability to build the brand while ensuring that the stable present is not being left behind. Because in the end all of these products (aka shows) are what build a successful brand.

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