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Who Tweets?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Many brands leave the tweeting to the PR team. Seems sufficient, but that’s really all it is. Most companies are not utilizing one of the newest forms of technology to enhance their brands. Sure, this is a PR pro's dream, but the technology and its benefits do not stop there.

Among Fortune 500 companies, only 20 brands actually have Twitter accounts. Twenty divided by 500 equals 4%. Imagine if only 4% of these companies used billboards or talked about innovation. So maybe leaving social media tactics as an afterthought isn’t as dramatic, but many brands are losing out, not just in reaching their customers but also in growing their brands internally. Who knew social media could do that?

The problem with social media tools is that most brands dedicate them solely to the PR professionals. These tools aren’t accepted in the boardroom and therefore don’t become a way of doing business. They are an afterthought. So how do brands incorporate these social media tools into the day-to-day? Understanding the benefits is a start. Much of the value provided by these tools isn’t external but actually promotes productivity within companies. That’s something that the boardroom definitely wants to hear. There’s increased collaboration, real-time chatting, and an environment that promotes brainstorming. These are all benefits for any brand looking to move forward with technology.

Social media tools also help unlock hidden talent. The ability for these social tools to uncover talents of internal employees is a great way for brands to grow. Using internal talent for new projects or brainstorms is beneficial for not only the brand but also the employees. These social media tools are more than just tweeting and have a larger range of use than just PR strategy. So start tweeting and start adopting. The benefits may be surprising.

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