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Campbell’s Soup Celebrates Warhol and Sells Lots of Soup
By: Aaron Whitaker
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If you are in the food and drink business and want to sell a lot of your product quickly, limited-edition packaging will usually do it. You usually see the beer and spirits industry roll out limited-edition bottles and cans, but this time it’s Campbell’s Soup. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup paintings, Campbell’s is releasing limited-edition tomato soup cans featuring labels that are Warhol-inspired.
When I first read the news about these cans and saw the pictures, I was excited and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I will definitely hit up Target, where they are being sold, and buy them. I’ll then probably put them in my kitchen as display pieces rather than consuming the actual soup inside the cans. I figure many people will do the same, which is normal when it comes to limited-edition packaging. The cans will be sold for 75 cents per can, which is somewhat surprising. I think they could have charged more and donated the extra money to a non-profit that supports the arts. In fact, they could have sold empty cans for twice as much and people still would have bought them. I know Maker’s Mark Bourbon has released limited-edition bottles before with no bourbon in them and they’ve been very popular.
So if you’re a fan of Warhol, you’ll want to visit your local Target on September 2 and grab some limited-edition Campbell’s Soup Warhol cans before they sell out. And if you’re a marketing or advertising firm and want to help your client sell more of their consumable products, create some limited-edition packaging for it. Or get a celebrity to endorse it and put their image on the label or packaging. For a good example of successful celebrity endorsed consumable goods over the past 80 years or so, visit the cereal aisle of your local grocery store and check out a box of Wheaties. Since the 1930s, Wheaties has placed images of famous athletes from many different sports on their cereal boxes. As a result, many of those boxes have become very popular among collectors and have helped increase sales for the company. Limited-editions of and celebrity endorsements on food and drink packaging is not a new thing, but it’s something that still works to sell more product and build more awareness for the brand.

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