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Best Buy’s Big Try
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Some brands spend year after year in a successful position, trading between first, second, and third place. Then there are other brands that circle in the spotlight and go dim for some time before making a return. It’s clear that no brand is the same and the path to success is always different, but with all these different trails it’s important to note that success is not guaranteed and that brands cannot take first place for granted — ever.

Best Buy used to rule the electronics world. From computers to TVs to home appliances and multi-media, the brand was winning the war when many other companies were fading out. It was THE one-stop shop for electronics where multiple purchases were not unlikely. But then the brand got complacent. Maybe they spent too much time with success and forgot the rules to staying on top. The competition got smarter, the world got quicker, and Best Buy was no longer the only brand to fulfill a need. And more importantly, the question no brand wants to hear came out: "What does Best Buy stand for?”

No brand ever wants to struggle with that, but if customers are saying it then there is some truth to the statement. This summer Best Buy rolled out its new tagline, “Making technology work for you,” and also launched a new store concept. A main feature is a central desk that offers services, support, training, and classes — sound familiar? Maybe like another technology company named Apple? Either way, Best Buy is hoping that the brand’s proposition now has legs to stand on and gives customers a reason to believe.

Best Buy is hoping to give the brand more depth than just its products. Sure, there are varying types of electronics that can be purchased in one location, but this doesn’t seem to be driving customers into the stores. Nor has it created brand followers that are providing success for Best Buy. As of now the brand is still struggling; working to build the brand proposition day by day. And hoping to get customers to push the brand back to success. 

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