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Stay True to the Brand
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Everything changes over time — people, products, services, and the world. So it’s not uncommon for brands to go through these exact same changes to evolve and stay current for their customers. But there are some areas of a brand that need to be consistent and stay that way if they have proven successful in the past. This not only allows the brand to stay on a successful track, but it also represents a consistency that is positive for both internal and external brand followers.

Value and culture are tough codes to crack, but many have figured out the algorithm. And when a brand such as Prada has been successful with both, it knows to continue down that path. During a time when many brands, specifically those in fashion, have fallen across hard times, Prada has stayed true to its original values and culture and seemed to come out on top. And even more newsworthy is that the company has stayed successful by remaining independent when so many other fashion brands could not. Sure, Prada had to evolve with the times and change its plans many times, but it never once roamed away from the way the brand was managed. If something has been successful, why should a brand change it?

One of the successful pillars for Prada is transparency. There are no secrets in this fashion mega-house, but rather the concept of sharing ideas. With full transparency Prada is able to change quickly when needed because everyone is on board with the strategy. And very literally this “fast-acting” culture is what keeps clients coming back again to the runway today and in stores soon after.  Everyone is involved, from shareholders to designers. Sure, this might seem time consuming and unnecessary, but it also proves successful. The best product and most sound strategies are approved and understood by all. And for Prada that is a success.

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