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Small Brands Can Go Big
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are some rules to brand success; maybe more guidelines than rules. But most of these guidelines apply to big-time brands that can plan and execute with a strategy that is set. However, when a brand is smaller and newer nothing ever goes as planned. So how can these innovative yet entrepreneurial brands ever achieve success? And shouldn’t all smaller brands follow the successes of those that have made it big and learn from them?

Small Idea – Big Return. Instead of focusing on that one big idea that will translate into brand success, companies need to stay true to their core. Take that small idea, foster it, and make it grow. The ability for a small brand to focus around one core idea and make it successful will result in a better outcome than a big idea or multiple ideas that don’t get enough attention.

Be Known Visually. Let’s be honest; customers don't know about new, smaller brands. So it’s the company’s responsibility to get something out there visually. It’s back to marketing basics. Get a logo, a name; something that is eye-catching, different, and really describes the brand. Twitter was a small brand that picked a bird logo in the color turquoise. Look at where they are now.

Stay Simple. Customers get confused, so make it easy for them. Tell them what the brand does, what it gets them, and how they get it. Think of Toms: The brand that sells and donates shoes started small and originally customers purchased them online. It’s extremely important for smaller brands to make sure they give customers a clear idea of what they can provide along with the benefits. This can go a long way in building success.

None of these guidelines are unexpected or even new, but still, all are important. When a brand is smaller and still growing it’s important to pay extra attention to the little details that impact the customers. Small brands that pay attention to the specifics can achieve future success for the brand.

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