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Etsy is a Brand of Brands
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Etsy’s a popular place — really popular. It’s not promoted, yet consumers know if “you want something unique — go to Etsy.” The funny thing is that Etsy isn’t even the brand making a single thing; it’s the vehicle used to bring all of these unique, individual brands together. So although it’s a successful brand, this company is actually just a platform for other brands to succeed. And that has made Etsy a success.

Can a brand be successful if it brings other brands together and is solely focused on being a platform for creativity? Etsy has proved that the answer is yes. With 1.9 million members and more than 200,000 sellers, Etsy is clearly a brand that knew something was missing and worked to provide it to the customer. The brand’s ultimate goal was to create a handmade marketplace and foster that small-business mentality in the online world. And yes, Etsy launched exactly what was needed at exactly the right time. Consumers were looking for products that were unique and smaller companies needed a location to sell. Even though Etsy is supporting a long list of growing brands, in the end it's the winner. Brand success.

Etsy grew to be a popular brand by creating a community. The brand’s selling feature is that customers can “talk” to sellers and really create custom products. It’s like purchasing from a neighbor instead of the big-name retailers. This community is beneficial to each individual “shop” and therefore creates an Etsy following that keeps the brand top of mind. Etsy’s strategy is smart: Determine what’s needed and be the brand that can provide this to customers. That will make for a long-lasting, strong brand like Etsy. 

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