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Better Burger, Big Brand
By: Janet Kalandranis
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This brand makes one thing really well and capitalizes on it. It doesn’t try to branch out to new products to attract newer customers, but instead consistently delivers its core product at its best each and every time. All the focus is on the burger and fries, which means time/money/energy is not diluted across various facets of the business but instead is focused on these simple deliverables. Oh, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, way to become the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the country. How did that happen?

Five Guys (the brand’s nickname) has grown 792% since 2006. That’s ridiculous. And as a part of a newer category known as the “better burger,” this dominating powerhouse owns nearly half of this business. Holy brand success! Five Guys CEO Jerry Murrell’s favorite burgers are those that are plain with one or two add-ons. This is similar to how the brand started and why it became so successful. Jerry and his family wanted to create a “Mom-and-Pop” burger shop that was simple. The brand has focused on taking its key asset, the burgers, and making sure the base is consistently great and craved by its customers. Five Guys started small and it is staying simple.

When asked how this brand got so successful, Murrell is very honest. It’s part luck and part strategy. By focusing on something very simple but doing it exceptionally well, the brand has been able to grow without losing any part of its original concept. Customers can count on consistency in each location and trust that a better burger is being made. It’s just that good 'ol hamburger that America craves.

Five Guys did not advertise and instead grew from a following both inside and out. Sure, customers are crazy for the brand and keep buying burgers, but more important is the brand’s take on its core team. Employees are paid well and receive bonuses and dollars that are traditionally spent on advertising are instead given to those people that are responsible for delivering the better burger at Five Guys. It’s all part of a simple strategy to build a better brand through a better burger.

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