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David Lynch Teams Up With…Dom Pérignon?
By: Aaron Whitaker
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I’m a big fan of David Lynch and his work. From Twin Peaks to Blue Velvet to Mulholland Drive, he has a very mysterious, dark, and quirky vision to his movies. His work is definitely an acquired taste that doesn’t appeal to everyone, which is why I found it odd that he teamed up with Dom Pérignon Champagne to create limited-edition bottle designs for the fancy Champagne company.


While I think David Lynch would make a good ad man or spokesperson for certain products, it’s hard to picture him selling Dom Pérignon Champagne. It would be interesting to talk to the agency or marketing team that came up with the idea of having David Lynch design limited-edition bottles. The one thing David Lynch definitely does for the brand is attract new customers outside the Dom Pérignon demographic. The one thing I would worry a little bit about if I were Dom Pérignon is alienating their established customer base. You either love David Lynch’s work or hate it, and I don’t think of drinking fancy champagne while watching or discussing his film, Blue Velvet. I think red wine, bourbon, or scotch would be more fitting for a discussion of his films.
I do have to say that the bottle designs are quite interesting and the video of the design process is intriguing and captures Lynch’s personality and style quite well. But as a David Lynch fan, would I go out and buy a bottle? I think it would make a great collector piece for a David Lynch fan, but I don’t think it will convert them into Dom Pérignon customers. It will help to increase brand awareness and help the brand break out of its stereotypical mold of being too fancy for most commoners. If I were to choose a famous person or persons to design aDom Pérignon bottle, I would have gone with fashion icons like Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana or Donatella Versace rather than David Lynch. I think the big fashion designers are more in line with Dom Perignon’s demographic than David Lynch is. I would have also considered renowned artists, architects, and designers before David Lynch. But as someone who appreciates what David Lynch has done for the cinematic world, I think it was an interesting collaboration that turned out quite well.

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