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Do the QR Code Right: Take 2
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Although QR codes have been around for a bit of time now, they are still a newer marketing tactic. Both brands and customers are a bit unsure of how these crazy little squares work and what benefit they should provide. When in doubt, learn more and execute correctly so a QR code campaign can be a success.

Marketing is a creative function for brands. (Side note: If this isn’t a true statement for your brand, definitely look into changing that!) By default, QR codes should be just as creative. There are no limits as to where these black boxes can sit, so be different and be accessible. Aside from the standard ad placements, QR codes can be used on packaging, on shelves, and even on employees. Brands need to determine what the QR code will provide to its customers and then find the best placement possible to enhance usage. Logical and creative.

Just putting a QR code out in the world does not automatically equal success, especially if a brand’s customers are unaware of what the program provides. Brands need to make sure education is a part of a new QR-code campaign. Tell customers what the QR code is, how it works, and what benefit they will receive from scanning. Brands should never assume that customers will know how the process works and should take time to build out an awareness plan complete with instructions. With less fear around that black box, the likelihood is that the brand will have more adopters of its QR code campaign.

And last but not least, metrics. They are discussed and applied to all other marketing tactics and QR codes are no exception. Brands need to ensure that specific tracking is enabled within their QR-code campaigns in order to measure the success of the program. This will lead to more data as to what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve with the next one. Although QR codes are a newer marketing tactic, brands should follow the same processes and expertise that have been successful in the past. Oh, and also have a little more fun with this one.

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