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Do the QR Code Right: Take 1
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s the new marketing toy that every brand wants to play with. Customers are seeing QR codes pop up everywhere and used in various campaigns. Brands are jumping on the QR bandwagon in fear of being left out. But you know what’s worse than being left out? Implementing a QR code program that doesn’t use some best practices. Brands are so anxious to be part of the QR-code club that many of them are forgetting the key idea behind this new tactic — adding customer value.

For those brands that want to enter into the QR code world, the message is to do it right. Just as with every other marketing strategy, QR codes should force the brand to put customers first and create some type of value they don’t already have. Although QR codes are a newer technology, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used in a simple program to be successful. Those QR codes that are used to provide more information or detail into products, services, or incentives are some of the best examples of how this new technology provides value.

QR codes need a purpose. Don’t simply place them at the end of a campaign strategy and send customers to a landing page. QR CODE FAIL! Customers are excited about this new technology and expect more from it, and quite honestly, more from the brand as well. If a brand is willing to take on QR codes it must also be willing to provide something dynamic and specific that gives the customer new value. Not the same, not the standard, but something new. Don’t be afraid to use the technology for what it’s meant to do: an intro to the mobile world.

There are a couple of initial QR code lessons that brands need to abide by when using this newer marketing tactic. Make QR codes the center of the program and ensure that they are providing value for the customer. This is not a fancy add-on; they should really be the focal point of a campaign. So be creative and the brand can have a QR code success story.

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