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Sell the Benefits and Beyond
By: Janet Kalandranis
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The simplest of brands sell products and services. They talk about A-Z product characteristics and why their brands are the ones to purchase. There’s little connection to the benefit and how this translates into a long-term positive for the customer. Sure, a customer might understand that one brand provides a better product or service, but there’s little staying power with the brand. With this strategy there’s no preventing these customers from purchasing the “next-best product” that is released in the following months.

Those brands that can go beyond selling a list of product characteristics are looking for long-term success. Instead of creating a one-time purchase, the brand is setting the stage for brand loyalty. There’s more at stake when a customer is attached to not just the benefits of a brand, but what it provides them if they purchase. Consumers are looking for items that streamline their lives (think calorie counters on smartphones) or provide them with the ability to consolidate (think Apple’s iCloud). This tends to have more impact than saying “buy the bigger TV because it’s bigger.”

Customers also don’t want to make these connections themselves. They are looking for the brand to provide them with these messages. Don’t let them infer and guess; put these benefits front and center. Talk less about why the brand is better than the competition and more about how the product or service fits into the life of the customer. If a brand becomes a part of the customer’s life there’s little chance that the next “big improvement” from another company is going to tear them away from what they know. And that’s a benefit.

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