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It’s the Phelps Show
By: Janet Kalandranis
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You can’t get much more current than the Olympic winners. It’s happening now and it’s relevant; the best kind of brand news. Those brands that can prepare ahead of time and develop every option for release during the Games definitely reap positive impressions. It’s interesting though that this seems like a very executable and needed tactic within the day-to-day of successful brands, but doesn’t seem to be used very often.

Within 24 hours of Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated U.S. Olympian, Visa had already released a TV commercial with congratulations. And this wasn’t a just an ad with scrolling words but rather a fully thought-out commercial with Morgan Freeman asking fans to celebrate and congratulate. This is all within 24 hours. Clearly there was pre-planning on the brand’s part in order to go live within the success of the Olympics. There’s nothing more relevant than this during Olympic week. Had Visa waited and launched the spot next week or even after the games, the excitement and relevance would have been lost. Customers are on to pre-season football, the end of summer, and the beginning of the school year.

Visa wins with timing on this one and begs the question: How can this become more sustainable across a brand. Of course there isn’t the ability to create every option for an ad or an announcement and use only what is relevant, but there could be some middle ground. For every long-term branding strategy that is completed there should be some extremely timely and relevant messaging that works alongside this. Sure, it’s not going to be the thing that drives overall ROI or success, but it makes the brand human and real. If a brand associates with and recognizes what is happening in the world, it becomes a part of the customer. And don’t all brands want to be front and center and emotionally tied to their targets?

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