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Get It Right the First Time
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands learn from their mistakes, no doubt about that. There are strategies and tactics that are implemented that never really get off the ground and provide no extra benefit to the customer or success for the company. Brands learn and move on and rethink what will get the company to its next best step. This seems fair and reasonable; however, the question is whether or not making one incorrect move can harm the future of the brand. It may seem like a blip in an array of good ideas, but does one bad move mean the brand will always be remembered for something it would like to forget?

There’s something to be said for those brands that go to market with not only a strategy, but the right strategy. Customers are happy and the brand sees a positive impact across the board. But when brands have to pull back an incorrect strategy (even if it’s simply a product or service) there is confusion with customers and the brand suffers. Many brands can pull themselves together and overcome a setback like this, but the better scenario would be if the brand never had to deal with this. Go out smart and strong and be a success.

Microsoft just unveiled a new version of its Hotmail service that it is now renaming Outlook. There is so much to discuss about this. A.) Although Hotmail is still the most widely used email service, Google’s Gmail is not only gaining share but it’s a service that has what customers want. B.) The features of Microsoft’s new email service have already been answered by Google. C.) Why would Microsoft confuse customers even more by calling it Outlook?

Brands need to pay special attention to what they launch. Sure, every strategy can’t be a winner, but there should be due diligence about getting it right the first time; the best product, the best service, the best all-around effort by the brand at that point in time.

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