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Ordinary Greatness
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Nike’s figured out the best of both worlds. Not exactly unexpected with a brand that has grown to greatness and stayed in the spotlight for quite some time, but is the best of both worlds the “best” for a brand or a does it cause customer confusion? Brands usually focus around a core set of both ideals and customers, so when a company goes into many worlds, how does it really do so successfully? Maybe staying true to one strategy and one concept is the answer to brand success.

One of the hottest conversations around media and the Olympics is around sponsors. Who’s in, who’s not, and who will be making a debut during the games. Nike has opted to do both. The brand is sticking to the ordinary for during the games with the launch of its new “Find Your Greatness” campaign. As opposed to being a sponsor for the games, Nike saved the launch of this campaign to align with the timing of the Olympics. It’s as if the brand is sponsoring every person who isn’t competing. It’s a great idea as the brand has created something that’s relatable to almost everyone. Seems like a win for the brand.

This would be great for Nike to support the everyday greatness, but it doesn’t seem like this is very lasting. The brand isn’t planning to create a long-term strategy around the “everyday” but rather is using this campaign to tie into Olympic greatness so the brand doesn’t miss out. It’s going to be extremely confusing for customers when Nike starts endorsing athletes in the next couple of months and potentially pushes its everyday greatness to the side. So the question remains whether the brand can pull off being on both sides of the fence and if the best of both worlds really equates to a successful brand.

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