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Shhh…More Secrets Revealed
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s back to talking about the secrets of some of the most successful brands. When looking at each of these secrets and each brand that’s not only trustworthy but successful financially, there is a common link: connection. These brands have unlocked a specific strategy that connects their brand to customers. It’s personal, it’s customized, and it overwhelmingly provides a path for success.

Brands sell products and services. Seems simple, but those that don’t realize that this is quite complex miss an opportunity to create a customer connection. Target has many familiar competitors, but it is the only brand to make an experience out of buying shampoo, toilet paper, and bath towels. The brand is still a discount store, yet the layout is organized, the associates are friendly, and people enjoy being there. Target has created an experience that draws customers from its competitors into its own brand.

Customers want brands that are real, and certain companies exude fun, coolness, and a whole lot of personality. Of course there’s the successful Apple with its new products and enjoyable experience, but there’s also the other side of personality. Southwest is a bit quirky, to-the-point, and definitely real. Customers can connect with the brand because it feels like a person and they know what to expect (or what not to expect).

And although there’s a whole lot of uncertainty with any of these secrets, customers trust consistency. This isn't to say that a brand needs to be the same-old, but it does need to provide the same experience time and time again. This is not only products and services, but the brand as a whole. Customers should be clear about what to expect because they know the brand “that well.”

These are the secrets from successful brands that have uncovered their own strategy. It’s using these secrets in a way that works for a brand and ultimately separates it from those that are trying to be everything to everyone that's key.

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