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Shhh…Top Brands’ Secrets
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are a handful of brands that are not only successful but also hold the award of “trustworthy.” This is not a word that consumers toss around and use lightly. It’s saved for those brands that are top on their list and have gone above and beyond to create a connection with customers. Don’t worry, though; secrets are going to be revealed to hopefully get more brands on that successful and trustworthy track.

Customers want brands to know them. It’s half crazy and half realistic, but in a consumer’s mind it separates the generic brands from those that really stand out. Take Amazon, the brand that sells everything (not very personal) and has made this experience somehow personal for each and every customer. There’s no pretty design or fancy functionality, but it works. Customers know that Amazon is “listening” to them with every click and every purchase and helping them make that next decision. With Amazon making it easy and personal, customers continue to use the brand, feeling like it is a part of their lives. Now that’s personal.

There are other brands that rate high in trust because they serve up a positive emotion. Coke = happiness. That’s another crazy statement. Who can really only sell happiness? But for some reason it works. The entire brand is focused around how to create this emotion in anything that is tied to a customer and to its brand. More importantly, this “happiness” in not described or called out but simply felt by customers when they think of the brand.

Trust is based on doing what is promised. Seems simple, but it’s a little broader than that short statement. Customers want to know that brands will not only deliver on their core promise, but that these brands understand what that promise means to the customer. FedEx delivers packages quite successfully, but it’s more than getting a box from point A to point B — it’s the idea that the brand understands the importance of these packages. They make it personal and therefore gain trust and achieve success.

Successful brands don’t employ each of these tactics but instead understand the need to create an emotional connection with customers. It has to be real, it has to relevant, and it has to be delivered time and time again. That is a real connection.

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