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Be That Disruptive Brand
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Most brands (hopefully all) set out to be successful brands by creating products and services that are craved by customers and fill a need within the marketplace. Conversations are had about creating the “the next best thing” within an industry and how this will translate into higher sales, increased customer engagement, or even deeper brand knowledge. Sure, this is success, and most brands stay within this somewhat-safe haven, but what happens when brands push the bounds and really create breakthroughs?

There are brands that are talked about (picture high-school gossiping), teased, even, for their big dreams and crazy ideas. But these brands are also the ones that are creating success and pushing industries to take leaps instead of steps. Instead of creating something that is slightly better, a little different, or a bit cheaper, these brands are going further and doing superior things. Tesla is one of the disruptive innovators that set out to be the “talk of the town” and create a brand that delivers a product that does exactly what customers imagine it should do.

With competitors like GM, Ford, and Toyota, Tesla was not the first to innovate a four-door electric sedan. What the brand did do right was make it superior. Instead of taking what exists currently and adding an element here or a benefit there, Tesla created the whole package. It’s the little car brand that could; the Amazon of the car industry. While the big brands talk, Tesla is quietly working to show it can change the game and race to success.

There’s something to be said for brands that can ignore the comments, put their heads down, and truly innovate and deliver. It’s not about “one-upping” the competition but about delivering a brand that exceeds ALL expectations. An improvement here or a cheaper price there is not going to change the game — so be disruptive, throw no ideas out the window, and make them stick. This might just be the formula for becoming a very noisy and disruptive brand while, all the while, not making a single sound. 

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