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Big Fish, Small Fish
By: Janet Kalandranis
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In a competitive world, the question becomes: Is it better to be a big fish or a small fish? Big fish have more money, more resources, and ultimately more opportunities to grow their brands. Small fish have to work harder and are usually trying to gain success with a smaller pool. But all the fun and success doesn’t always lie with the big brands as small brands are growing and gaining by being viewed as intimate, local, and personal.

Customer conversations are now focusing around “local” and “smaller” brands that feel personal. Sure, the big brands are still successful and customers have not abandoned them, but those small fish are now more prominent than ever. Consumers are excited by those smaller brands that have something new and different to offer and allow them to be engaged. Some of this brand success is due to being flexible, specific, and extremely relevant to consumers. Big brands can have a tough time making a quick change and therefore become outdated or even too generic for some consumers. The success of these small brands is the ability to pick up on what is missing for a consumer and deliver it. Fill a void within the consumer world.

There’s no right or wrong choice; no good or bad size of a brand. Each serves a purpose. The idea is to understand what the brand size entitles it to do and capitalize on these for success. Most important is for a brand to understand where it stands in the marketplace and what it provides for the consumer. Knowing this can be the ticket to success and a determining factor between big fish or small fish. At the end of the day, both fish are needed in the brand pond.

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