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This Is the Big One: Big Data
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands used to speculate and guess, create surveys, and make inferences as to who their customers were and what they wanted. Sure, many of these conversations were based in some sort of data, but there was never one clear picture that told the whole story and gave the kinds of insights into the customer that we now have today. But is there too much data for brands to handle, or is there a solution to making big data doable?

Most brands view data as invaluable. It’s the idea that there are nuggets of information out there that a brand can use to garner success. The more brands know, the more relevant they can be to customers. A brand strategy can be more defined and more detailed in order to answer a consumer need that was discovered in some piece of data. Brands that do data successfully have identified a way to start small, increase their knowledge, and analyze along the way. Simply collecting data isn’t strategic or successful; it’s just, well, a lot of data.

There is no award given for the most rows of data or the number of sources you collect. Brands should focus more on what matters most to their business and what data will give them new and useful information. Once all the data is analyzed and information is gleaned, the next step is the way a brand takes action. It's a never-ending cycle.  

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