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It’s All in the Name
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Well, not entirely so, but a name is an extremely important asset of any brand. Pick the right name and it could mean success; pick the wrong one and the brand could never get off the ground. Although all brand names must be backed by a strong idea or a sought-after product, the name is an important thing to get right in the beginning.

Names don’t need to explain everything and anything about the brand. Many times, companies want to get all the top thoughts or a big idea into a name. Those are the names that customers wind up shortening, don’t understand, or can’t be bothered to discover. Make it easy, make it simple, and make it visible. Customers will need to see the name and remember it within a fraction of a second, so ditch the second and third (and fourth) supporting words and go with a simple, yet strong, brand name.

Of course, brand names should be interesting and visual, but more important is consistency. This is about how the brand name appears time and time again; especially for newer brands, customers need to see a consistent look and feel across all facets of marketing. From signs to collateral and ads to websites, customers ustomers like consistency, or, at the very least, they respond positively to it.

Brand success isn’t built on a name, but rather on what the name holds. Companies that choose a name looking forward instead of in the present tend to be more successful. They need a name that can weather the storm and be the brand of today and the brand of tomorrow. It may only be a name, but it’s also what customers know a company to be. That little name can hold a lot of real estate.

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