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An Optimistic Brand
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Imagine a brand that is built on a simple premise and a sketch. A cartoon drawing, to be exact, with a happy grin and the words “Life is good.” This brand doesn’t follow any of the best practices and never drew up an initial business plan, but it’s successful...really successful. Life is good for Life is good.

Although Life is good doesn’t employ many traditional branding tactics, there is one thing the brand does extremely well. The company has a very distinct and specific brand premise upon which it bases all decisions and initiatives for the brand. Life is good doesn’t waver from its initial concept, and for this reason it has garnered loyal brand enthusiasts that appreciate the strength of what was originally created.

Life is good is built on the idea of the positive, and this is the reason for the brand’s success. This brand promise is inclusive of everyone and can cross barriers that many other brands cannot. It’s this idea that consumers can grab on to, gravitate towards, and continuously follow. The idea is simple, although what the company does is far from that. There’s no selling off the brand or expanding into territory that doesn’t align with the initial concept.

It's a simple brand concept that is able to create a dedicated following. It’s timeless and relevant and very much believable for consumers. Life is good took a chance by being very distinct, but it also has created a clear brand based on a premise that was wanted and needed by its followers. Sometimes all the bells and whistles aren’t as successful as a simple concept.

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