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Follow the People
By: Janet Kalandranis
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If consumer brands are meant for people, shouldn’t they have traits like a person and take cues from what people do, how they think, and most importantly what they want? This seems like the answer to a very strong consumer brand and the strategy that could lead to the most success. If that's true, then why are most brands not paying attention to customers and only half delivering what they want? Pay attention to the consumer, mimic the consumer, and truly be a people brand.

It’s a pretty simple concept that was recently covered in Forbes: Social brands should be more like social people. Think about someone who has that special charisma and the way that person attracts attention. This is what a brand should strive to do. Be more like a social person who is not only interesting but also interested. This is the point where many brands fall off and forget that to be a "people brand" it’s important to understand who people are.

Brands are used to being interesting; many come up with a concept and continuously focus on evolving that to stay in the limelight. However, the idea of “interested” is one that most often is forgotten. A brand must understand who is in its core circle in order to be a continued success. The truth is that many brands don’t spend enough time going beyond the traditional demographic description to ensure it knows the full scope of its customers. If a brand is interested, it will go further, dig deeper, and listen more to understand the people in its community — its customers.

Many brands reach out to customers to receive information, but it’s those brands that push to get a deeper understanding that truly are a success. It’s less about how many people answer your post online and more about the reasons for those answers. The brand can be more relevant, more in sync, and more interesting to consumers.

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