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A Lifestyle Brand
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are many reasons why people choose one brand over another. Sometimes it’s convenience or price, accessibility, or brand attachment. But other times the choice for one product over another has more to do about lifestyle integration than any other factor. A brand that fits into a customer’s life better than another can be the deciding reason between A or B. It’s the idea that there is some connection between that product or service that just “fits” within the customer’s life at that point in time.

Historically lifestyle brands were thought to be anything that positioned itself on a lifestyle rather than having a focus on functional attributes. Think PUMA, Dove, and Starbucks. Now, however, the idea of a lifestyle brand is much more specific and must have a focus around what consumers are doing, thinking, and feeling at that point in time. It’s much more than just choosing a characteristic and forcing that to make a brand more “lifestylish.”

Brand KIND — definitely lifestyle. A philosophy that incorporates what the products should be for each consumer. And this exact attitude is what consumers are already doing day in and day out in their lives. It’s more than healthy eating, but goes beyond to include the ingredients that are chosen and the way the company incorporates a brand philosophy of AND along with a holistic kindness. These might seem like big words for many brands, but KIND delivers this in their bars and positions its company to make decisions based on these ideas. And the fact that these ideas are part of a specific lifestyle has allowed this brand to be successful without losing its true lifestyle strategy.

Being a lifestyle brand is more than just saying so. It’s being relevant and specific that allows the brand to be incorporated and needed within a consumer’s day-to-day. With this, a brand can truly say it is a lifestyle brand.

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