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Brutally Honest Domino’s
By: Janet Kalandranis
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If something is wrong with a brand, it should be fixed. Seems like common sense and really the only reliable answer to turn things around. But many times, companies look to answer other questions, all the while ignoring the facts that have been made apparent time and time again. Successful brands, though, don’t just hear what customers are saying; they actually listen and take action. And shockingly, this strategy can really be successful, as obvious as that might seem.

Dough and sauce plus cheese equals pizza. It really seems like a simple equation, with automatic brand success tied to this product. However, with saturation in the pizza industry, something as simple as pizza isn’t always deemed an automatic winner. Domino’s had an “elephant in the room": no one liked the pizza. Instead of messaging around this and offering promotion over promotion, Domino’s did one of the bravest things and admitted it. The pizza was not craved by customers, so the brand started the “brutally honest” advertising campaign.

Think about it: a brand admits to not putting its best foot forward and eliminates any type of dishonest marketing. Domino’s employed a rebranding strategy that included thanking the customer for giving the company a kick in the pants. At a time when consumer trust was decreasing drastically, the idea that one company took the opposite path was refreshing to customers. It’s almost as if consumers were a part of the strategy team to rebrand and rebuild Domino’s, and boy, did that work.

A little honesty can go a long way. Domino’s new strategy of "open and honest" has proved nothing but successful. However, it’s not all talk. The company had to eat its words and really take a look at product, operations, and marketing in totality. Domino’s had to walk the walk after they talked the talk.

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