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Social Media Shifts: The New CMO
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Marketing products and services are in the job description that is tied to any CMO. A brand’s success is tied to how well the marketing creates a reason to buy and why these purchases are, in fact, completed. But now that everyone is talking — and talking a lot — online, the core job of a CMO seems to have shifted. Instead of talking product benefits and differentiators, the conversation is about the brand. What is it, what does it stand for, and how connected is the customer to these ideas?

In the world of social media there are very few boundaries and even fewer for the customer. All of this information can either help or hurt a brand in becoming the final choice for a purchase. Historically, customers visited a brand’s website or a store and made a decision based solely on products and services. Now customers are using what they hear online to make a final brand decision. And who’s in charge of those messages? The new CMO. The focus of the job has shifted to include a responsibility of “corporate character,” much of which is handled in the social media space.

All those internal conversations are now fair game and customers are reading. What once was discussed behind closed doors can now be a major selling point or detractor for a customer. The CMO is responsible for shaping the “corporate character” and delivering its unique traits to its target. Many brands are leveraging social media to deliver these messages as a way to feed the information where it is wanted.

A job that was once very black and white has now shifted to incorporate crafting the unique character of a brand — and doing so online. If customers have more access to information and want more questions answered, it’s the job of the brand to make sure there is a clear understanding of the brand. And who best to do that than the CMO?

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