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Make It Simple, Warby Parker
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Many times, brands create a concept that is too complex, too difficult, or too inconvenient for the everyday consumer and the original idea is misunderstood. Consumers are looking for something that answers a need and either makes their lives easier or is differentiated and grabs their attention. However, when a brand is similar to 20 other brands or doesn’t provide a new answer to a problem, consumers choose based on convenience or accessibility. That is, unless a brand is so different that there is no other choice.

Eyeglasses: customers can buy them in a handful of places, they always cost a lot, and it always feels as if there are not enough choices. Enter Warby Parker with a genius, yet not complicated idea that gives consumers what they’ve wanted all along — simplicity. Warby Parker’s brand is based on making the process easy for the customer and answers a need no other company can currently deliver. Eyeglasses all under $100 dollars with the ability to try various pairs in the comfort of your own home; what could be better? How about ordering five pairs, free of charge (no shipping), to test them out for a week or so. Now that’s differentiated.

It seems that everything Warby Parker does combines a sense of design and style with the common thread of simplicity for the consumer. The idea that a customer can go online, upload a photo, and test various frames is nothing but dynamic. And customers can do this on their own time instead of being forced to try on some frames while an associate tricks them into a 400-dollar pair (minus the lenses, of course!). Warby Parker gives customers options, not only with its frames but also with the ability to order a handful of glasses and try them on at home.

Successful brands are those that navigate the market and take the time to develop an idea that truly answers a need in the marketplace. Becoming just another eyeglass store would have been easier and potentially more profitable, but Warby Parker is on to something. Maybe this brand will change the playing field for its competitors and slowly shift the way consumers think about how they see. After all, if it’s easier, what better choice could there be?

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