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Jeep®: A Brand That Inspires
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are brand loyalists, engaged customers, and even enthusiasts. And then there are Jeep® customers. This group is not only a fan of the brand and happy with their four-wheel purchase, but they live the “Jeep life” (real or perceived). It’s less about who they are and more about what their car can allow them to do. It may sound a bit far-fetched, but talk to a number of Jeep customers and you’ll hear the same thing: “I love my Jeep.”

So what does Jeep do to create such a highly engaged group of customers and ones that become Jeep purchasers for life? The company treats its customers as they see themselves — Jeep inspires people to get dirty and drive fast, and it's all made possible with one of its cars. The reality is that many Jeep customers are simply driving their vehicles to and from work and maybe the grocery store, but it’s the inspiration that Jeep provides that captures this set of outdoorsy individuals. It’s the inspiration Jeep has attached to its cars that allows customers to live the day-to-day during the week and play rugged on their time off.

Any company that calls its customers “Jeep Enthusiasts” demands to be a powerful brand. It also creates a unique identity for its own drivers. Jeep fosters this following by hosting events where its cars complete different obstacles highlighting the characteristics of the brand. It’s real, it’s dirty, and it’s what customers want to believe about their cars. This inspiration engages Jeep customers and they become lifelong purchasers of what they believe will always be a part of their world — off-roading.

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