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Should We All Share?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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The little “share,” “like,” and “post” buttons that have come to be standard on most high-profile sites provide more than just pass-along content. These social share buttons could provide data and information for a company to segment like customers. The multi-benefit of these buttons creates a strong case for including them in content-, product-, and idea-driven sites. Who knew a little button could do so much?

For brands both big and small, these social share buttons are able to easily create pass-along content. With great imagery, interesting content, and downright funny videos, companies can easily reach multiple customer types without actually directing them to a website. Customers — engaged customers — combined with relevant content are the best brand message delivery mechanism. A brand’s current customer set is becoming more engaged by taking on this brand advocate role while the company gains a new audience set, which may have not been reached otherwise. And if the match is right for the customer, they might just turn into an engaged one. Everyone hopes to be liked.

But companies get more from “likes” than just an increasing number in a popularity contest. Each of these social share buttons provides a whole lot of data for one simple click. In its simplest form, the data can help companies identify what is working online, what is engaging, and what brings in new faces. Going more in-depth these social share buttons can allow a company to create personas across customers to find like groups that rally for the brand. The capability to create specific customer segments and market to these groups in a way that’s unique and relevant to them deserves a “like.” So allow customers to take your content and pass it along. See what this “share” provides a brand in return.

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