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The NFL Brand May Just Be Unstoppable
By: Ron Romanik
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With all the PR problems and lawsuits the National Football League is facing these days, it’s worth noting how many ways the league manages its brand exceptionally well. Here’s five reasons that the league connects with fans on a number of levels.

But there are more mundane, long-term branding initiatives that make NFL Is as powerful and stalwart a brand as there has ever been in sports. For one, it controls nearly every aspect of its imaging, licensing and execution — and they pay attention to every detail.

But one strategy that has paid immeasurable dividends is one that many brands, especially corporate brands, can learn from. The NFL maps out the entire year of activities so that there are no down times. This keeps the fan engaged all 12 months of the year.

As soon as the Super Bowl is over, there are many things the fans can focus on coming right around the bend. There’s coaching changes, free agency, the draft, owners meetings, rules changes, minicamps, etc. etc. An NFL fan is never at a loss for something to talk about at any time of the year.

Some consumer brands have made a point of introducing more seasonal products, or at least packages with more seasonal themes. Many corporate brands would also benefit from constructing seasonal promotions or events that clients and the public can look forward to. This familiarity breeds reliability as the long-term relationship between brand and user is renewed at regular intervals. The NFL is never out of a true fan’s mind, and that strategy has paid off in the undying devotion of its ever-widening fan base.

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About the Author
Ron Romanik is principal of Romanik Communications, a brand consultancy outside Philadelphia founded with a mantra of “Authentic Stories. Resonant Tones. Sustainable Brands.”
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