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Target's Gone Small Business
By: Janet Kalandranis
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As a consumer you can get almost anything at Target, from toiletries to clothes, bedding to auto parts, and even ingredients for tonight’s dinner. And now you can add products from much-preferred small businesses to that list.

Target has chosen five small businesses from hundreds that applied to pilot an initiative where it will sell the  products in “The Shops.” With an online section on Target’s website and in-store displays, these products will be on sale for six weeks starting May 6. Target is able to support these mom and pop shops while also catering to the growing American need of understanding where products come from. It seems Target has found yet another way to differentiate itself while becoming more popular with consumers who are in search of local, yet accessible, products. 

The Target Shops are going to be beneficial for both sides of the partnership if successful. Target is able to grab shares of those local purchases right in its stores and online, while each business is hoping to benefit from a promotion channel that can grow their local name exponentially. Each small business is part of a TV spot and documentary where Target focuses on the true story of these local brands, again appealing to the consumer need to support local, home-grown businesses.

What do we learn from Target through all of this? Differentiation. In an industry that sells mostly commodities, Target has yet again been able to generate and execute an idea that lets them connect with the consumer on an emotional level while stepping further away from the competition. The only question left…will it work?

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