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The Kraft of Social Media Advertising: Lessons From a Brand that Gets It Right
By: Nandini Trivedi
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The social media beast is hard to please, with its constantly changing moods, attitudes, and rules. This beast doesn’t really know what it wants but it sure in hell knows what it doesn’t and it’s not afraid to show it. But when it comes to pleasing this beast by doling out some of the tastiest and most engaging campaigns, nobody does it better than Kraft. Unlike most packaged food brands, Kraft knows how to keep it fresh in the kitchen and the web. There are many lessons we can learn from Kraft. Here are some of them.

Keep It Consistent
Nothing kills a social media campaign faster than irrelevance. If the messages your brand is giving out from its social channels differ from what’s happening on traditional media or they're not consistent with the brand image, then you’re in trouble. And ‘consistency’ is one thing that most Kraft doesn’t compromise on.

Take the latest Miracle Whip “Keep an open mouth” campaign by Mcgarrybowen, for instance. While the TV spots and social media campaigns have different flavors, they are based on one insight: “People are too quick to judge miracle whip before even trying it.” And that’s the one message that runs through all the media, including Twitter. The Miracle Whip official Twitter account posted creative #2quick2judge tweets about the Academy Awards as well as the NBA All Star Game that was playing at the same time. All in all, it was a very clever and engaging use of social media as they reinforced the idea of keeping an open mind/mouth all night long (Adweek, 2012)

Give Back/Show You Appreciate
When it comes to social media campaigns, brands are so invested in getting the likes, the clicks, and the retweets that they don’t know what to do when they do get them. Your appreciation may be in a form of a "follow back," a retweet, a discount, or even a song. And that’s exactly how Kraft does it in the latest stunt from Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s Kraft Mac & Cheese campaign.

Kraft posted a note on Facebook saying "LIKE this post, and you never know what may happen." And when more than 4,600 people did, Kraft liked each and every one of them in return by mentioning them in the "Likeapella" music video below (Adweek, 2012).

Don't Be Afraid to Have Some Fun
The one rule that would probably never hurt when it comes to creating a fantastic social media campaign is to “keep it fun.” There’s nothing more viral than fun. People love to share it and follow it and like it. It’s what we crave while we’re trapped in our cubicles staring at our screens. And if a brand can provide a little fun and whimsy into our lives while getting their message across, then it’ll probably make a lasting impression. And that’s where Kraft isn't afraid to take risks.

For example, as part of the 75th anniversary of Kraft Mac & Cheese, it handed over its entire social network to two of their oldest fans. Frankie, 87, and Dottie, 86, were "hired" as temporary social media managers and they tweeted, posted pictures and videos, and commented on the latest trending topics in the Twitterverse.

While the campaign generated hilarious results, as seen above, it also covered the two other rules of keeping it consistent and giving back. Now who said you can’t do it all?

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Nandini Trivedi is a Copywriter with a Masters in Advertising from Boston University (2012). She believes that great creative comes from solid research, good old hard work, and a little bit of mischief. Find her online here.
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