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Polly the Parrot Wins Ride on Airplane Tail
By: Jacqueline Reed
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As a follow up to Branding Effort Gives New Legs to a Whole Different Kind of Animal, Frontier Airlines announced last week that Polly the Parrot has won the airline’s contest to be the new spokesanimal with 39% of the votes (65,000 votes). Polly will be the newest tail animal in the beloved brand campaign.

Thousands of Frontier Airlines’ fans were asked to vote for their favorite animal. The winning animal would appear on the television ads bantering with the other animals. With a creative contest that has played out online and offline with Facebook updates, television commercials, and press announcements, the airlines turned to their target audience to help make the decision.

Now that the contest is over, it will be interesting to see how Frontier builds on the campaign. Will Polly ruffle feathers with her vivacious and comical impressions? More importantly, will the brand awareness pull Frontier back into a thriving and profitable airline? Only time will tell, but let’s hope for a good flight.

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Jacqueline Reed is a writer and marketing consultant specializing in creating effective outbound and inbound marketing programs for small-to-medium businesses. Find her online here.
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