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Teamwork: Culture and Strategy
By: Kaitlin T. Gallucci
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As Shawn Parr of Bulldog Drummond writes, "strategy drives focus and direction while culture is the emotional, organic habitat in which a company's strategy lives or dies." However, Parr has also written that "culture eats strategy for lunch." Place your bets.

Actually, picking sides won't be necessary; both culture and strategy are significant drivers of a brand's success. Both brand culture and brand strategy certainly have the ability to sabotage each other, but aligned, a brand will flourish. As Rick Mueller commented, "Think of it as an auto race, with Strategy being like the driver, which can (and does) change and adjust during the race — and Culture being like the engine, which is permanent and relatively unchanging." Similarly, author Bob Frisch explains that you could have "a great poker player with weak cards or an average player with great cards... You’re more likely to win when you have both: a great player and great cards."

What's your stance on the importance of brand culture and/or/vs. strategy?

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About the Author
Kaitlin T. Gallucci is a New York based direct and digital marketing strategist. She tweets here.
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