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Are You Your Logo?
By: Kaitlin T. Gallucci
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How well does your logo represent your brand? Could strangers to your brand know what you do, simply by viewing your logo? As designer Adam Ladd's five-year-old daughter proves, some are iconic, others are interchangeable, and some are almost baffling.
If you haven't seen this video, Ladd recorded his young daughter's reaction to a diverse series of 29 established brand logos. Her responses are authentic and, frankly, insightful (if not, at least interesting). Some logos she recognizes by name, and others by their product or industry.
Some examples:
Starbucks is "the coffee logo" and BP is simply "gas." These marks require no name; they have become icons in their respective industries. The Starbucks Siren isn't just a coffee logo, it's the coffee logo. Speaking of which, she identifies the Panera Bread logo as "coffee again; maybe on a restaurant?" The female icon with flowing hair could be reminiscent of the Starbucks Siren (or... maybe her parents get coffee from Panera Bread).
Some logos are known instantly by name: Disney, Apple, Nike, McDonald's.
Other logos have have environmental affiliations; Pepsi is "the pop from the pizza place" and the Xbox logo is "from a control that you use to control the TV at Ryan's house." The GE logo is recognized by name because "that's where Grandpa works."
Greyhound, Jaguar, Puma? All are cheetahs.
Watch and listen here.

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About the Author
Kaitlin T. Gallucci is a New York based direct and digital marketing strategist. She tweets here.
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