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Chobani: On Board With Pinterest
By: Rosann Fisher
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In just a few short years, Chobani has morphed itself from a small yogurt company to a $257-million business that’s ranked third among all yogurt brands. And now, according to Fast Company, the Greek yogurt giant is expanding its progressive social strategy to include Pinterest. 
After noticing that fans were pinning images of the yogurt, the Chobani social media team decided it was time to create an official place for their customers to connect and share the things that embody the Chobani lifestyle. So far, the brand has 19 boards, most of them focused on food and healthy recipes that call for Chobani yogurt substitutions. The tone is fun and lighthearted with board names like “A Dollop'll Do Ya” that highlight recipes where a dollop of Chobani can take the place of sour cream or whipped cream. And, with two times the protein of regular yogurt and virtually no fat, a dollop sounds like mighty fine way to keep those New Year’s resolutions going strong.
Chobani was the first company in the yogurt category to join Pinterest, which has a predominately female audience (70% of pinners are women). However, the company has a history of being first. They were the first company to recognize that men should be included in their marketing efforts, considering that almost half of men in the U.S. eat yogurt. They were also the first company to focus on taste, while competitors Dannon and Yoplait mainly focused on the health benefits of eating yogurt in their advertising and marketing. 
It’s this kind of forward thinking and insight that has propelled them into market dominance — that, and an outpouring of love from their customers. Thanks to the widely successful “Chobani Real Love Stories” campaign, which featured passionate Chobani early adopters, Chobani’s fervent customers are growing by the day. According to Emily Schildt, Chobani’s digital communications manager, customers produce “about a tweet per minute, and I would say 50% are about our newest flavor, apple cinnamon.” Although their Pinterest presence is relatively new, it’s already gaining momentum. Chobani now has 1143 followers, up from 583 followers on 1/13/12. To use the yogurt giant's tagline, that’s nothing but good

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Rosann Fisher is an Integrated Marketing Manager. She enjoys running and doodling (when appropriate). Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter@rosann.
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