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Marketing: The Next Generation
By: Kaitlin T. Gallucci
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Following up on yesterday’s post, which looked at marketers’ opinions on the projected evolution of branding, here is a look at the expected “requirements” for “the next generation of marketers,” as explained by the recruiters and educators grooming them.
Not surprisingly, an understanding of integrated marketing across digital and traditional media is becoming essential. As Andrew Gardner, Managing Partner at recruiting firm Kaplan-Gardner, explains, “Integrated marketing is becoming a major thrust and the challenge is finding people who can merge online and offline analytics techniques…People who can [bridge the gap] are going to be worth a fortune." Andrew Hayes, a CEO and CMO recruiter at Russell Reynolds Associates, agrees that while digital media is “driving the new world order,” CMOs are “never going to walk away from traditional…you can't reach the same number of people at one time as you can, say, in a Super Bowl ad.”
Luckily, educators see this. Tom Collinger, Associate Dean and Department Chair of Integrated Marketing Communications at the Medill School at Northwestern University, explains that the next generation of markers must “understand the breadth of the choices the consumer has and the context of where your strategy fits.”
To encourage this, course curriculum at many schools is taking a more integrated approach. As Patricia Alvey, Director of the Temerlin Advertising Institute at Southern Methodist University, describes, “We don't believe in angles when it comes to education. We try to prepare young professionals for what's next — to understand the changing consumer market.” For instance, according to Isabella Cunningham, Department Chair of Advertising, digital topics are now included in all marketing courses at the University of Texas.
Of course, education can’t prepare new marketers for everything. Change is occurring rapidly, and the next generation of marketers will need — perhaps first and foremost — the ability to continuously adapt.

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Kaitlin T. Gallucci is a New York based direct and digital marketing strategist. She tweets here.
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