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The ‘New’ Marketing Mix
By: Kaitlin T. Gallucci
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Marketing has traditionally been defined by the Marketing Mix, or the Four P's. Since the 1960s, the Four P's have served as the quintessential four pillars of marketing strategy. Of course, the Marketing Mix as we know it is now about 50 years old. As the industry has evolved over the past half-century, so have our strategic concepts. What to do? John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing has suggested a redefinition of the Four P's.

As you know, the Four P's are product, price, place, and promotion. According to Jantsch, the Marketing Mix is now “more about how a business is experienced than what it sells.” As such, he has described the "new" Four P’s as the following: passion, purpose, positioning, and personality.

Passion is the foundation. A passionate business is often a promising brand. For growth, passion must connect with purpose (after all, you can’t be passionate for no reason). The brand’s purpose “defines why it does what it does.” This purpose is then used to position the brand in its given category. Finally, the brand’s personality will enable consumers to “experience [its] purpose.” As Jantsch describes, “It’s one thing to state your purpose on a plaque or marketing brochure; it’s another thing entirely to live by a tangible set of daily habits and processes that offer proof of purpose.”

And there you have it. Jantsch’s Four P's are a direct reflection of today’s marketing trends, influenced by what today’s consumers actually expect from brands. Over the course of 50 years, purpose has practically taken precedence over actual product. Consumers are drawn to brands which passionately position their purpose, personally.

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Kaitlin T. Gallucci is a New York based direct and digital marketing strategist. She tweets here.
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