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Leveraging Legacy: Tell a Story
By: Kaitlin T. Gallucci
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Nowadays, brands are not simply creators of their respective products and services; they are creators of content. A great way to engage with consumers is through storytelling, but it’s all about sharing the right stories.

While stories don’t necessarily drive sales, content marketing is extremely valuable for brand-building, which can ultimately increase customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and long-term value. But first, as Aurélie Pichard explained on Luxury Society, a brand needs to identify which stories are truly shareable and relevant: “brands are reservoirs of content and knowledge, but they cannot randomly choose anything from these reservoirs to build their story.” Therefore, there’s no reason to overshare just for the sake of creating content. If the content is irrelevant or not engaging, it’s not going to reflect well on the brand or fit consistently into the overarching brand story.

Pichard specifically suggests brand history as a compelling and engaging story for consumers. She explains, “from a consumer’s perspective, there is a strong intellectual gratification in finding out about the brand’s history…consumers are really keen on finding out what is behind the product.” Every brand has an origin, so every brand has at least a starting point for a story. Brands in a variety of categories identify themselves by their history, differentiating themselves by their origins. Even beyond storytelling and content marketing, it’s often a great starting point for conversation.

Every brand has a story to tell. What’s yours?

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About the Author
Kaitlin T. Gallucci is a New York based direct and digital marketing strategist. She tweets here.
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