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5 Personal Branding Mistakes to Avoid
By: Mark E. Brown
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Creating your personal brand is one of the most fun and exciting projects you will take on. But, like your corporate branding plan, your personal plan needs to be thought out and executed with strategy. I see too many people casually jump into a Twitter account or create a Facebook page without realizing those are the first steps of personal brand building.
Building your brand equity is serious business and a couple of missteps will work against you.  Here are five personal branding mistakes to avoid:
  • Tweet Anything vs. Tweet Something of Substance
The debate continues to rage on about how often to tweet. The average number of tweets per day among all Twitterers is 4.2. I say go with what feels right. More importantly, go with substance. We all have people in our Twitter community that tweet multiple times an hour and most of it is noise. Create content that is thoughtful and people will view you that way.
  • Throw it Against the Wall vs. Well Thought Out
Today it is easy to increase the awareness of your personal brand. Awareness is not the same as a well-thought-out personal branding position. What is your niche?  How serious do you want to be? Are you going to take advantage of one or multiple platforms? Who is your audience? You are a professional; apply the same thought and planning as you would to a corporate branding plan.
  • I Want It All Now vs. Pick One and Get Good At It
Shiny objects are everywhere in the social media world. It is easy to jump from one platform to the next. Don’t do it. Diffuse your brand and your community gets confused. Become skillful in one tool and then move on to the next one. 
  • Average Joe vs. Professional
Don’t be afraid to spend some cash to give yourself the professional brand you deserve. Play to your strengths and pay to offset your weaknesses. With Elance and Odesk you can have professional writing, web design, logos, and video done inexpensively. Splurge for the better camera if you are going to create a YouTube channel. 
  • Phony vs. Genuine
Wherever you are in your career, you have talents that set you apart from everyone else. You are superstar in your own right. Be genuine, be real, be yourself, and do it with passion and a powerful marketing identity will emerge. 
Creating your personal brand is a real job. The mistakes can be unforgiving. Plan, strategize, and then implement and you will avoid making mistakes that will harm your efforts. Have you seen people make mistakes that should be avoided? If so, please share with the other readers. Be fearless and have fun.

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About the Author

Mark E. Brown is a personal branding expert, professional speaker, and business growth advisor. He has owned a number of award winning ad agencies and is the founder of Mark Brown Strategies, a communications and marketing agency. You can follow Mark on Twitter and on Linkedin.  

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