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Is Your Company Ready for Swimsuit Season?
By: Mark E. Brown
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We are just days away from that time of year when millions of people begin to beat a path to the beach, proudly showing off that newly tuned and toned beach body. 

Unfortunately for many, swimsuit season brings nothing but dread and apprehension because they just couldn’t bring themselves to put in the time and energy necessary to hit their goals. Heading into summer and the midpoint of the year, this holds true for thousands of companies around the country. Some have worked diligently to better understand the needs and wants of their customers. They have honed their product delivery, fine-tuned their pricing strategies, and are motivating buyers to buy. A good summer season is ahead of them.

Many other firms are blissfully moving along hoping the economy will change, customers they haven’t spoken to in a while will come back, and results will improve because, well, they just have to. Sadly, they accept conditions as they are. 

I hope you are in the first group and you have put in the necessary work to be able to flex your muscles in your marketplace, and that you have worked to increase profits and market share while improving your brand awareness.

If you meant to start getting the company in shape sooner (like back in January) but it didn't happen, here are a few tips to get fast results:
  • Restrict your diet. Niche down into your target market and focus on key areas that provide extraordinary returns.
  • Simplify your plan. Immediately make it easier for customers to buy by taking away the risk of the transaction by guaranteeing what you do with no questions asked.
  • Look at your pricing. Consider charging a premium price and provide extraordinary value. That’s right, move your pricing up. Be bold and go for it.
  • Don’t follow others. Look at what the competition is doing — and go the other way.
It is not too late to firm up, focus and get your company ready for prime time.  But before you can get there, you have to start moving...now! 

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About the Author

Mark E. Brown is a personal branding expert, professional speaker, and business growth advisor. He has owned a number of award winning ad agencies and is the founder of Mark Brown Strategies, a communications and marketing agency. You can follow Mark on Twitter and on Linkedin.  

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