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Wild Tea Vodka? Yes Please!
By: Jenny Torres
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Absolut Vodka has just released a new brand of fancy vodka with the name Wild Tea. Never would I think that “tea” could be mixed with vodka, but this generation is full of trendsetters and Absolut is one of the frontrunners for concocting supernatural blends. Absolut Wild Tea combines tea, elderflower, red apples and citrus. The real superstar of this blend is definitely the Oolong Tea (street name: black dragon), which has a fresh aroma and can moonlight as a “sweet tea” but with vodka.
Absolut is notorious for pairing vodka with artistic bottles and a creative spokesperson. The bottle art is inspired by Chinese design featuring black blossom flowers and branches. The imagery is simple, black, and reminds me a lot of a silk screen print. One thing about Absolut that I love is that design and concept goes into the display bottles, so it’s hard to throw away the bottle after consumption. That’s why I always gravitate towards Absolut's print ads and commercials: their creative output. They are always highlighting creative and interesting people and designs in their advertising and product. Trust me, this branding is way more advanced than your six-pack in the fridge.
With great imagery must come a kick-ass spokesperson, right? With its last signature bottle, Spike Lee was the proud promoter of Absolut Vodka Brooklyn, which highlighted his hometown and vibe of the BK. Karen O from the band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs was chosen by Absolut to be the main attraction to go with this new blend. Karen O is a wild child and unique in her own right. Miss O is not use to being in the spotlight but happily takes on the challenge of being a supermodel in the print advertising for Wild Tea.
Enjoy the behind-the-scenes action with Karen O and photographers Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, who have also shot for BMW, Nike, and Issey Miyake.

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Jenny Torres is a freelance writer for Demand Studios and an aspiring copywriter for the masses.

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