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Original articles from Paula-Nicole Campbell.
Coca-Cola: The Fine Art of Brand Engagement on Social Media
Coca-Cola is an iconic brand that many of us have been familiar with since our childhood. It is a consumer staple that manages to connect with different generations. Undoubtedly, Coca-Cola has a huge audience base that they have to engage, and this may seem like an insurmountable challenge for many brands. However, Coca-Cola does so in an impressive manner, and there is a lot to learn from their branding techniques and engagement on their social media platforms.

How Your Brand Can Leverage the Second Screen
The average individual today isn’t just watching television with their eyes fully glued to one screen. A common trend with viewers today is a phenomenon known as “second screening,” in which the individual is usually watching TV (main screen) and engaging interactively with a mobile device...

The Red Tape Around Branding: Ethical Considerations
We live in a world where advertisers are continuously competing for our attention. On one hand, it is almost flattering when we consider the lengths and breadths that advertisers go to in order to capture our interest. On the other hand, it becomes disturbing when we learn that the main pull factors that brought us to the brand are false and misleading. Marketers are guided by rules and regulations on how they should operate, and those include the need to be honest and ethical. Therefore, ethical considerations are of vital importance for advertisers to be cognizant of...


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