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Original articles from Megan Dwyer.
Is Reddit the Future of Social Media Marketing?
What makes a viral hit a hit? As The Atlantic pointed out, hits are almost always just a repeat of something that was already a success. More specifically, the darling hit-maker site Buzzfeed often draws its inspirations from reddit. Reddit has an heavy influence on Internet content, despite the fact that only 6% of online adults use the site according to the Pew Research Center. So what is Reddit? It's an open-source community where users submit content, such as news, memes, pictures, and questions.

How You Treat Your Employees is Part of Your Brand Image
There is a heat wave sizzling across the country, and the McDonald's brand has been sunburned. In New York City, workers walked out in protest after a coworker fainted from heat exhaustion. The air conditioner in the Washington Heights restaurant had been broken, and employees estimated that the temperature of the kitchen reached 110 degrees. This fiasco comes after McDonald's has already been feeling heat for the budgeting advice the company co-published with Visa. The most notable takeaway advice was to have a second job and that heat is not a necessity. And neither, as it turns out, is air conditioning.


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