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Look Out For This Surprising Consequence Of Influencer Marketing That Could Hurt Your Brand
June 26th, 2017 by Forbes
Influencer marketing campaigns—also known as viral marketing or seeded marketing campaigns—seem to be all the rage these days. In some categories, such as fashion and beauty, marketers have gone all in and are heavily reliant on so-called “influencers” to help drive brand mentions, positive sentiment and possibly even sales. Indeed, as mentioned by...

How To Add Gamification To Your Marketing Strategy
June 23rd, 2017 by Forbes
Although gamification has been around for a few years, it is still positioned as a marketing trend going forward and, if anything, is gaining more attention as an ideal way to create engagement with a consumer audience. That’s because the concept of playing a game and possibly winning something stimulates the creative...
Can Ken (With a Man Bun) Help Mattel Bounce Back?
June 22nd, 2017 by AdAge
Ken Carson, better known simply as Ken, has spent over 50 years as Barbie’s arm candy. The doll has been a prince and a musician, a doctor and a king. Now Mattel, the California-based toy company responsible for Barbie and American Girl, among other brands, is finally giving the doll a makeover. Well, quite a few makeovers. Its new Ken lineup features 15 dolls with three body types (“slim,” “broad” and “original”) and a variety of hairstyles and skin tones.
The Impact Of The Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Will Go Far Beyond Food
June 21st, 2017 by Forbes
The retail world is still reeling over Amazon’s proposed $13.7 billion deal to acquire Whole Foods. Here are five things to think about: 1. This is about more than just supermarkets—this impacts all of retail. While it will have its most immediate impact on the retail food business, that is the equivalent of saying Amazon.com will have its biggest impact on book retailing.
The Three Things That Allow Amazon To Keep Shifting Ahead Of The Competition
June 19th, 2017 by Forbes
After reading through the barrage of articles and opinion pieces about Amazon’s $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods, it’s pretty safe to say that Amazon, this most powerful of online retailers, is about to shift ahead in, yet, another category, the grocery business. Here are the three key factors that allow Amazon to stay at the top of their game.
6 Things CMOs Can Do Now To Prepare For The Future Of AI-Powered Marketing
June 19th, 2017 by Forbes
In my quest to discern fact from science fiction in the area of artificial intelligence’s impact on marketing, I’ve been having conversations with leading analysts and early AI technology pioneers to gain their insights. While there is still debate on what constitutes “true AI”, there is a growing consensus...
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