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Sunday's Bad-@ss Job

Online Content Creator-Writer

Heil-Brice Retail Advertising, Newport Beach, CA

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How to Not Be a Pushover at Work

Career Oxygen | Fast Company
May 25, 2018

Some workers are naturally more assertive than others. But there’s a pretty wide gap between being assertive and being a total pushover, and if you land on the wrong end of that spectrum, you might end up not only setting back your career, but making yourself unhappy on the job.

The Winners and Losers of GDPR

The Winners and Losers of GDPR

May 25, 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation is finally here. Earth has continued to rotate. But it's been a bit of a mess....

Hasbro Redesigned Monopoly for Cheaters

Hasbro Redesigned Monopoly for Cheaters

Fast Company
May 23, 2018

Identity theft. Squatter’s rule. Price gouging. They’re not terms you’d normally associate with the friendly board game Monopoly. ...