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Sunday's Bad-@ss Job

Graphic Designer

Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), Richmond, VA

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Four Tips to Optimize Your Home Office

Up Your Game | Hallie Crawford
November 16, 2020

When Coronavirus first started affecting our work routines, many professionals made a temporary, makeshift office space. We assumed that after a few months we would be back to our normal offices, so we just made it work. However, for many industries, working from home is going to continue for an indefinite time.

The Quest for More Engagement

Guest Column | Danny Flamberg
November 10, 2020

More engagement is on the lips and on the wish list of every marketer. The common understanding is that “engagement” is an aggregate measure of a variety of interactions, which include clicks, likes, comments, shares, downloads, sign-ups, retweets and re-posts. Engagement is a proxy for conversion in environments where goods and services aren’t directly sold.

'BBC Dad' is Back in a Twitter Ad

'BBC Dad' is Back in a Twitter Ad

The Drum
November 23, 2020

Twitter has employed work-from-home champion Robert Kelly, (the dad from that BBC News interview with the adorable interrupting children), to showcase its latest features....